Sunday, 20 April 2008

A Spring Picnic

So today I took lunch to Heath at work. I could tell it was going to be such a beautiful day from the start. So we had to take advantage of it. The weather here is perfect right now. Soon it will get so hot and muggy that it is not fun to be outside. Anywho, we picniced by the Fushimi River which runs right along Heath's school. This is Heath's most favorite spot in Kanazawa so it was perfect! All the cherry blossoms are brown and dead on the ground now, but in its place is a delicate green! It is so beautiful right now! The moral is: go have a picnic!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Irony of Recycling in Japan

Okay, my first project of being a stay-at-home mom (well, soon to be), was to get our closets sorted. Since we will be coming home in a few short months, I figured I would get a head start on the whole packing ordeal. So last week I spent sorting through every piece of clothing and accessory I had to see if I could resell some of our things. If you don't already know this, Japan is hailed as the recycling capital of the world. Our garbage system here is so advanced, you have to go to Saturday school for it when you first arrive (just joking, but I am barely exaggerating!). Anyway, so I thought, "I have adjusted. I am now partially Japanese for thinking about recycling things." Heath even managed to sort through his closet and come up with a couple garbage bags full of still-wearable clothes. So, four bags in tow, a friend and I took them out to find a new home yesterday.

But here is the irony of the whole thing. . .

The first store wanted to give me about $2.50 for a bunch of stuff and the second store wanted to give me $3.00!! Are you kidding?? We spent more on gas than that getting here! They were, however, willing to keep everything as well. Oh, so kind. No, thanks.

So now, I still have these four bags of clothes, a deflated sense of environmental awareness, and no Goodwill to take them to!

Friday, 11 April 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some family friendly pictures of my belly. Who knows who will be viewing these, so better to leave the burgeoning bump clothed (you know, just in case the Gap Maternity line wants to pick me up as a model)!

Things are starting to get uncomfortable, but really, this pregnancy has been a breeze! I know that I have to thank the Lord about that while lying prostrate at his feet! So many other women are sick the whole nine months, but I really have no major complaints. Lucky me (and Heath)!

Blogging Bandwagon

Well, we are catching up with the modern world and joining the blogging bandwagon! Actually, it boils down to me having gobs of time off since I am now on maternity leave. And, let me tell you, everyone should take maternity leave! In my instance, I have six weeks off BEFORE our baby arrives and it is like a little bit of personal vacation! So I am trying to sleep as much now because I am sure I will not be sleeping so much once our little guy arrives.

So this weekend we are going to do "ohanami" with some friends. "Ohanami" means "flower viewing" in Japanese, but if you want to know the true translation, it means, "Let's get drunk under the blooming cherry trees (sakura) and sing our hearts out like fools." We will be skipping the drinking, but we will play the singing part by ear (you know what I mean if you know Heath at all!). Gotta enjoy Japan while we are here!