Monday, 22 September 2008

Where Does Time Go?

This has been my question lately. Know the answer?? Not me!

It seems like even though Zion and I get to stay home together, the days just fly by and I don't have much to prove for them. Maybe part of it is that we are not yet in our own place yet so I don't have those crafty-home-improvement things to do. I really miss my sewing maching and all my crafting supplies!

And I REALLY miss all my kitchen supplies!!!! I get a fun idea for dinner only to remember that my food processor is in storage. I am hosting a baby shower for Rachel next month and I am having to borrow basic kitchen stuff to make her cakes. Oh, my!

Anyway, I LOVE being home with Zion! I feel guilty about it because I have done nothing but work for the last 10 years (I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I graduated from college!!). It is fun watching him grow and change. He turned four months last week! Like I said, where does the time go? He is really rolling all over the place now and scootching his rump in the air in an effort to crawl. Everything goes in his mouth--including the clothing of anyone holding him. This moring he was licking my shirt instead of falling asleep. He is also talking up a storm. His noises just make me smile!

We are still waiting to hear about th house we offered on. Who knows when that will be!

Heath is getting the vision for his new job and we are liking the people in the church.

I went to my first MOPs meeting last week and that was fun. I think I will like that. I need some new friends up here with babies of their own.

Well, time to feed the babe again. I'll post some pictures soon.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm Back!

Zion in his Bumbo seat
Us in Heath's office
Heath at work
Grandpa Frank and Zion in Heath's office

Sorry it has been SO long since I have blogged. In the weeks since we have left Japan, lots has happened. We are currently living in Frank and Nora's condo on the Columbia River. We have a front row view of the river and a beautiful place to live. Thanks, Frank and Nora!

It is lovely being around family again! I am glad Zion will grow up with all his family members close around him. The shower that my mom and Rachel threw for Zion was so fun. It was wonderful seeing all my family and friends there.

We have also bought a car (a VW Passat) and made an offer on a house. We are just waiting on that now. It will be SO GREAT to finally settle into something of our own. We have been living on the bare minimum the last couple years and I cannot wait to unpack our boxes that are in storage and have a fully equipped kitchen again!

Zion is also growing like crazy. He is grabbing things more and having fun with all his new toys from his cousins. He is over 13 pounds now and 3 1/2 months old! He is so fun.

Heath has also started his new job. He is liking it and really enjoying getting to know his coworkers. He has been organizing the office and it looks great now.

Today is the first day of school and look at me. . .I am at home! I just love being with Zion all the time and feel so lucky to be a stay at home mom. Thanks for working for us, Heath! I imagine I will do some part time work in the future, but for now, I am relishing my time at home.

All in all, we are so happy to be home again. Japan was such a neat experience, but truly, there is no place like home!