Friday, 23 January 2009

In Palm Springs!

We are currently on vacation in Palm Springs, California and are LOVING the sunshine! We are wearing t-shirts and flip-flops everyday. Tomorrow we are planning a lazy day by the pool--ultimate ahhhhh!

Our friends, Emily and Justin, live down here. I am taking lots of fun pictures that I will post after we get back home.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Two Birthdays

Let's start with Zion's:

Today he is eight months old! He now scoots around on the floor so well. It works really well in his jammies since he is so slip-slip-slippery on our wood floors. He also licks it as he moves along. So I guess I have to clean the floors more often now!

Here he is trying to crawl. He looks like a dying buy with his bum up in the air. He'll probably be crawling really soon and then my life will get more hectic with a roving baby.

He is now fitting into his nine month clothing. This little jacket is so cute! We just had his check up this week and he is fifteen pounds (10th percentile) and 27" long (75th percentile). Who know Heath and I could have a tall, skinny baby!

Here he is helping me with the laundry. Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks and pinch that belly?!

We went for a walk this morning because the sun was so beautiful! Here he is all bundled up. Those baby blues are just going to kill the girls someday!

And now Quarter Pint:

Yesterday I had a check up for baby #2. It is growing like a little weed! Today I am 11 weeks along (hence, a quarter finished. . .). She wasn't exactly sure of the age of it the first time I went in so yesterday she brought the ultrasound machine back in for another peek. Seems like we are on track now at exactly 11 weeks today. She moved the due date up a bit too, but we'll just stick with the August 10th due date. Here is the little rascal:

Here is a shot of the whole body. The ultrasound says "hi dad" in it because I didn't think we would be getting another peek at the baby so Heath did not come to the appointment. So when she wheeled in the machine I told her that Heath was going to be upset he didn't get to see the baby again. So she wrote a little note on it for him.

Profile shot. Don't you think it looks like a girl??? I guess we'll know in a couple more months!


In other news:

Rachel's baby, Mackenzie, is now two months old!

Here she is just a few days old with her dad, Jake. Isn't she a doll!

Here she is at about six weeks old. Zion was so curious about her.

We continue to feel so blessed to be entrusted with Zion. He is such a little treasure from the Lord. We just love being his parents and are excited about #2!

Friday, 2 January 2009


Christmas was not what we expected this year due to the blast of wintery weather. In an effort to join Sam and his family in Bend, we tried to drive to my folks' house to ride with them over the pass. Well, eight hours later, we were back home. Yep, we had made it as far as Wilsonville in seven hours and finally gave up and drove home. Thankfully, that only took one hour!

So I have yet to see my niece and nephews on Christmas day in three years. Sad, I know.

Here are some pics:

We celebrated Christmas early with just the three of us.

Heath gave Zion three books for Christmas. They were so cute. It was sweet the way that Heath read these little board books to Zion; what a pair they make!

Who doesn't love a good nakey baby picture! :) I just love his little body--it's so kissable!

I gave him some shoes. He'll be needing those soon!

Christmas morning and Zion in his Santa suit.

My parents drove up Christmas Eve and stayed the night. It was fun having a small Christmas, but we would have loved a larger one! Oh, well, next year!
Happy New Year!