Sunday, 25 May 2008

He is here!

Zion Sterling arrived via emergency c-section on his due date, Friday, May 16th, at 5:37 am (Japan time). He was 19" long and just 7 lbs! We are so in love with him!

Thank you for praying for us and sending so many encouraging emails! I was in the hospital for one week and look forward to getting back to life here at home.

We will be coming home in nine weeks and are soooo excited to see everyone and introduce Zion to everyone!

Here are some pics of him!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Some Complications

Well, sorry it has been a while since I have updated our blog, but I ran into some complications a couple weeks ago. Here is the story. . .

I went into the doctor's for a routine check up on Wednesday, April 23rd. He strongly recommended checking into the hospital until I had the baby because my blood pressure was creeping up. So the next day, at 37 weeks, I checked into Kanazawa University Hospital. Now let's keep a couple things in mind here. . .

*I am emotional from being pregnant

*This is my first time in a hospital

*The only family I have in Japan (Heath) is now living in a different place from me

*I don't really speak Japanese (and they don't speak much English)

*I could be in the hospital for a MONTH before the baby arrives

Okay, so I was a MESS the first couple days, but was okay after that. I ended up making friends with some of the other girls (as much as a few mutual words and gestures can provide) there and Heath made my little room cozy (I was sharing with three other girls).

Well, two weeks later, the doctors say that my blood pressure has stabalized and I can go home! How shocked we all were! So I can only give credit to the Lord for this gift because usually a girl's BP does not go down at the end of her pregnancy! So, thanks for everyone praying for us at home!

Prayer really does work! We have seen the Lord's hand on us in so many ways recently! He also kept Heath safe biking and walking to and from the hospital to see me everyday (I am so lucky to have Heath as my husband!!!). A car druver did not see him and hit him and his bike, even dragging him several feet, but he emerged unblemished! Amazing, I know! Heath is okay and now the bike is back and repaired! Just another blessing! I joked that if he had been hurt at least he could have come to stay at the hospital with me.

Anyway, so now we are at 39 weeks and 4 days and just waiting for Zion to make his arrival! Any day, baby! We are ready to meet him, and to be honest, I am ready to put the fear of labor and delivery behind me! It seems like a looming beast, but I am trying to be brave!!

Hopefully the next post will have some pictures of the THREE Cloutiers in Japan!