Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Zoo Boat and Monthly Birthdays

Hello, handsome boy! Zion turned 22 months on the 16th! We are close to having a two-year old on our hands, folks! And this little patootie turned 8 months on the 16th! She is sitting up on her own now and is so, so, so cute! Love those soft arms!

Hi, kiddies!
We visited the Pittock Mansion in NW Portland. It was interesting to see a bit of Portland history.

Just a cute picture of Eden.
Wave to Zion!

Nice smile, baby!

Heath's show, Zoo Boat, set sail this past weekend. It was a hit, I am glad to report! Look at all the cute animals that were aboard his show. We are glad that this big project is behind us, but are happy about the impact it had on the kids in his afterschool program.

We got a new tow-behind from some friends a couple weekends ago and are loving it. The kids like it too. They are so precious all cuddled next to each other.

Monday, 1 March 2010

March Already??

Morning, Zion!

My sleeping beauty. She sometimes falls asleep in her swing after dinner and before bed. What kissable cheeks those are!
Dad and Zion working in the backyard.

Eden's first bath in the bathtub.

Eden swinging in the park.

Hi, friends. Can you believe it is March already?! I love the flowers coming up and the blooming cherry trees! It is so refreshing.

Heath is also back out in our yard making it pretty. He does such a good job with it! It will be fun when Zion can just toddle out back and play out there. Still a bit wet and muddy for that, but we're getting there. He does like to "help" Heath in the backyard, though. I guess he kept eating mud and dirt and coming up to Heath saying, "Yucky. No food," with a mouth full of it. Glad I wasn't there to see that. I keep having to remind myself that he is a boy and that is normal.

Eden had her first bath tub bath yesterday while the boys were out in the backyard. She was non-plussed about the situation and just wanted to chew on the toys. I think she is cutting some teeth on the bottom because she is cranky for no reason sometimes. She has a well-baby check tomorrow so we'll see what the doctor has to say about that.

My friend, Rachel, found out last week that she is having TWIN BOYS! They are so excited! Yay for Rach and Jake!