Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Update

After lots, and I mean lots, of discussion about what to do with our kids' bedroom/bed situations, we have it figured out (for today at least!). Since Zion will only be 15 months old when Eden arrives, we figure he will most likely not be ready for a big bed--especially since he is prone to lots of bed-shifting at night. So I have been looking on Craigslist (LOVELOVELOVE Craigslist!) for a crib. Something cute, newish, and, frankly, a bargain. I found it today! Little Miss Eden Belle's room now has a plan that we'll put together in the next couple months or so. (Due to this fact, if you want to visit us in Portland and have an actual bed to sleep in, come visit NOW because we'll soon only have couches for guests!)
In other news, Zion is trying to get over croupe, poor guy.

He is 20.4 pounds. Now all he has to do is turn 1 and then we can face his carseat forward. He'll love that.

Speaking of turning one. . . . His birthday party (and actual birthday, in fact) is on May 16th so mark it on your calendar! Invitations are going out soon!

Here are a couple pictures:
A pretty cute little guy!! I love the sparkle of mischief in his eyes here.

Zion blowing kisses. It is his latest trick.

Meal time mess. (Those are black beans he is eating. Looks questionable in this picture, though!)

He likes to put his toys in his mouth and "walk" around with them. This is the easiest way of transporting himself AND his toys at the same time.

Heath and Zion doing some tasks. What a good helper!