Monday, 9 February 2009

Random Pictures

Here Zion is in a storage bucket. Just a cute shot.his is The Blessed Dr. Monica Wehby, the doctor (well, the head one) that performed Zion's surgery. He had a check up a couple weeks ago and she says he "Looks just perfect"!

Couldn't we all use a bit of this right now?! This is the view from the boat ride through the Marriott Hotel's gorgeous landscape in La Quinta. Oh, for some warm sunshine!!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Vacation to California

Yes, we did it! Our first road trip as a family and it was totally spur-of-the-moment. We drove a total of five days to spend a total of five days in so-sunny Southern California. Worth it, though!!

Our friends, Emily (Aunty Em) and Justin (Uncle Juice), live in La Quinta, which is a suburb to Palm Springs. BEE-YOU-TI-FUL would describe the place: warm weather, sunny skies, citrus fruit growing on the side of the road, and picturesque homes and resorts. La Quinta was actually named after the resort (of the same name) that was a refuge for the wealthy in the 20's and remains so today. Many of the golfers playing in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic were staying there as the PGA Tour was in town at the same time we were.

Justin and Emily

Heath and Zion lounging by one of the MANY pools at the La Quinta Resort.

Zion eating an orange on the tree. Everyone is encouraged to pick and eat fruit from the trees all over the city.
Me and Zion at the Resort. This is his "lion roar" face. So cute!

Zion had lots of firsts on our trip. . .

First long car ride. He was such a trooper!

I LOVE how he sucks his tongue when he sleeps.
First bike ride. We loved riding around with him. We'll for sure be getting a bike seat for him so we can take family rides.

He had a hard time balancing sometimes becaue he wanted to suck his fingers.

First time down a slide and swimming.

Not so sure of the slide.

Playing with some of the 57 grapefruit that we picked on the side of the road.
So, over all, we had a GREAT trip. We were spoiled by Justin and Em and had a relaxing time. It is hard to be home in this refrigerator we call Oregon!