Friday, 16 April 2010

My How Time Flies!

Eden turned 9 months today. What a precious little joy she is to us! She is scootching everywhere now and making Zion laugh. I love how the two kids interact with each other. I hope they get along well. Look at those legs! Couldn't you just eat them with a spoon? And I love her toes. So chubby and kissable.

Today marks the 23rd month birthday for my little Zion. He is, let's all say it together, almost TWO! And acting like it! Climbing on everything. Talking up a storm(nothing melts my heart more then to hear him say, "I love you, Mama."). Telling me when he is poopy (could potty training be in our near future?). And, yes, exercising his will.
What sweet kids we have!


AmyandJoey said...

What cute kids guys! Hey Heath, I finally made up for my 2005 failure of not finishing the marathon by finishing 26.2 miles yesterday! It's good to have that monkey off my back. I can't walk today though. Much love to you all. Joey and Amy

The Bell Family said...

So cute!! We would love if you wanted to be "blog buddies"!!

Natasha said...

Very cute! Can't believe Zion's almost 2!