Monday, 8 February 2010


Our little Eden had her first ride in the shopping cart yesterday. Can I just say. . .I LOVE COSTCO! And God bless them for having the ginormous cart that seats TWO little ones! I went over there yesterday to get a couple items and decided to try Eden out in the cart. She loved it! It was so fun seeing her right there beside Zion. He loved it too. He kept putting his arm around her and his head on her shoulder. What a pair they are! She isn't quite sitting up on her own yet, but did just fine all strapped into the Costco cart. I just can't tell you how cute her little legs were in her pink tights kick, kick, kicking from the seat of the cart. What an absolute doll!

She also recently took her first swing ride in the park. I am sorry to say I haven't yet documented that on film yet. But I will remember to take my camera to the park eventually. We even went there today (because how beautiful was today's weather!) for a walk and some play time. Zion hates leaving the park. He is starting to enter the "terrible twos", I'm afraid.

Sorry about the lack of pictures this time!


Carrie said...

Oh how fun! You should take a picture next time you are at Costco. I love those carts too, Aeva had her first ride sitting next Jenna at Costco. I agree, I wish all carts were like that!