Thursday, 17 June 2010

Where is Summer?

Zion and his friend, Noah, at his birthday party. Eden playing peek-a-boo.

Zion and Eden wanting the same toy. Eden wants whatever toy Zion has. Oh, the joys of being siblings!
Zion on his second birthday. (It's so hard to get a nice picture of him!)

Eden on the swings at the park. She loves swinging!

Here we are mid-June and still having to turn the heat on sometimes! What is that about? Eden is growing out of her summer clothes before she even has a chance to wear them! Loads of cute sun dresses just waiting for the arrival of the sun.

Well, besided waiting around for some summery weather, we've been pretty busy. Zion turned two May 16th. I tried to have a scaled-down party, but we still ended up with 24 people in our little house. The backyard party was out of the question due to rain. Anyway, he loved the attention and opening the presents. He also got a bed that he is now transitioning into--a little roughly, I might add. Note to self: don't go cold turkey from the crib to bed with Eden. Oops. Sorry about that, little man.

Heath's summer program is underway. So he is busy, busy, but loving the interactions with his interns. He is also having a ball with the lawn maintenance since ditching the push mower and upgrading to a "real" lawn mower--outfitted with a catcher and all! We also celebrated our 5th anniversary on June 11th where we went out on a surprise date that Heath planned. What a guy, I have! :)

Eden is still not crawling full time, but can certainly get where she wants to go. She is pulling up to her knees now, scootching forward on her tummy, and can move backwards on her knees. I'm sure she'll get the hang of the forward motion soon. She also has four teeth now. The two bottom teeth just popped through this week. She continues to be a lover and is just trying to navigate playing around her brothers' flying toys.
I am enjoying the time I have with my kids at home and am happy that I am not my friend, Rachel, who just had twin boys! :) My MOPS group has a summer book club that I am participating in (PS, don't read Rooftops of Tehran). I have also developed a bit of a crush on roller derby since I found out about it on LA Ink when a girl got a tattoo of roller girls. So I am looking into that sport a bit more these days. We'll see what the future holds on that one. . . .